Sunday School Classes

The Pre-Kindergarten –Kindergarten Class weaves Bible stories and age-appropriate arts and crafts into a fun, first Sunday School experience. Sunday School provides many young children their first opportunity to separate from their parents in a classroom environment. Several special friends (who’ve been through this before) are available to help your child adjust as you both take this very important step in early childhood development.

The Kindergarten Class explores scriptural truths through Bible stories, hands-on activities and an introduction to memory treasures. A snack is offered before Closing Worship.

The 1st through 6th Grade Classes use a variety of means to help children understand the lessons behind the familiar Bible stories. Children should bring their Bibles to Sunday School. Memory treasures are used to reinforce scriptural truths. A snack is offered at the discretion of the teacher.

Youth and Adult Classes

Catechesis - 7th and 8th grade catechumens study Basic Lutheran doctrine with the pastors once per week for 36 weeks of the year. This class prepares youth for communicant membership. It meets Sunday mornings from 9:30 - 10:30.

Adult Bible Study Class - These classes, led by the pastors, meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Studies include in-depth interpretation and application of books of the Bible and biblical analysis of topics of special interest. Coffee/donuts are available for those attending class. A special room for parents with infants or small children who are too young to enroll in Sunday School is available during the Adult Bible Class. The room is equipped with a flat-screen tv connected to a video camera which records the adult class in process as well as any DVD which may be shown during the class. The room also has a changing stand, glider rocker, other comfortable chairs, books. etc. for younger children.

All Saints - "All Saints Bible Class" - meets each Thursday from 10:30-11:30 a.m.,followed on the first Thursday of the month with a pot-luck luncheon.Pastor is currently leading the class in an in-depthstudy of Genesis.Though most class members are'seniors,'others arewelcomed as well!

Tischreden - ''Tabletalk" [German- tischreden] - meetsevery other Saturday morn from 9 - 10:30.Coffee, donuts, and in-depth study of the Lutheran Confessions.

Women’s Book Club - pastorally recommended book is publicized; if interested, women placeorders for book through church office; when books arrived, they are distributed for three weeks of reading…..then, the group meets to discuss the book.

Lutheran Institute For Education – meets twice a year. Curriculum for the Institute includes course taught by area confessional pastors. Course is held on Saturday from 9 am- 3 pm.

Conferences on Scripture and The Lutheran Confessions…held at least once per year on a Saturday from 9 am- 3 p.m. Guest lecturer is usually a seminary or university professor.

Sunday School

Adult Bible Class
Adult Bible Class

Women's Book Club