The Lutheran Church of Our Savior

Memorial Committee

Upon the death of a brother or sister in Christ, family members and friends often wish to express their gratitude to God for His grace toward the departed and for the comfort His Word gives the bereaved in their time of sorrow.

Because the expression of that gratitude is often manifested in the monetary gifts given to the Church in memory of the departed, it is incumbent upon the Church to be responsible stewards of those gifts entrusted to it. The items described here represent those that might be considered as memorial gifts. This list has been compiled and is updated regularly by the Memorial Committee in consultation with a pastor and the various boards and congregational groups of LCOS.

This page provides suggestions of possible appropriate gifts. The pictures presented here are not meant as exact requests but only illustrate of the kinds of items that might be selected. Gifts should be planned and selected with the assistance of the Memorial Committee of the Lutheran Church of Our Savior. Please contact the Church Office for more information (408-252-0345 or

  • Pictured items labeled "existing items" are those currently used by LCOS, and would be replaced (or — in some cases — modified)
  • Pictured items labeled "proposed items" depict an item proposed for purchase
  • Unless an item pictured is an existing item of LCOS or artwork in the public domain, it is property of Tonini Church Supply Co. ( and is used by permission

Items costing $1,000 or more

Church Sign
(existing item)

Boulevard Sign

Sign of stone and/or wood, standing on Bollinger Road boulevard, indicating congregation’s name

Church Cross
(existing item)

Boulevard Cross

A 12 to 15 foot high wooden cross standing on Bollinger Road lawn near south end of nave

Altar Crucifix/Corpus

Altar Cross

Corpus (body) of the crucified Lord Jesus to be added to the cross currently anchored in the altar

Processional Cross / Crucifix & Torches
(existing item)


Crucifix/cross and torches, matching other appointments in the sanctuary and nave, that (1) serve in procession (entrance) or recession (exit); (2) serve in procession during the Gospel procession (when Gospel reading is read from midst of congregation); and (3) that stand and are displayed near the pulpit when not in procession/recession

(existing item)


Statuary depicting our Lord Jesus, and/or other figures of our Christian heritage

(existing item)


The vessel (or cup, or goblet), often cast of sterling silver and plated with gold, from which communicants receive the blood of our Lord Jesus during the distribution of the Lord’s Supper

(existing item)


The vessel (cup- or goblet-like), resembling a chalice, often cast of sterling silver and plated with gold, which — during the distribution of the Lord’s Supper — holds hosts (the body of our Lord)

Cordless Microphone System for Parish Hall (existing item)

Wireless Microphone

Additional wireless units (body-packs) and lavaliere microphones, along with a receiver component capable of accommodating multiple wireless microphone units, used for presentations or dramas in the Parish Hall

Fontanini™Magi Figurines
(proposed item)


Figurines of the magi to be displayed during the Christmas season and on Epiphany, compatible with the Fontanini figurines already displayed during the Christmas season

Furniture for Pastors’ Studies
(existing item)

Office Furniture

Furniture — such as desks, chairs, or table — for use in pastors’ studies

Artistic Carved Wooden Paneling Project
(existing item)

Carved Wooden Paneling

Artistic carved wooden paneling of the four evangelists: Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; for the panels on the south side of the sanctuary, below Children’s / Mothers’ Room ("Cry Room") glass windows

Faceted-Glass Windows Project
(existing item)

Faceted-Glass Windows

Faceted-glass window panels depicting cherubim that would replace the existing interior narthex windows on either side of the large narthex wooden doors leading into the nave/sanctuary (Cherubim: angelic figures between which the Lord God dwelt above the Ark of the Covenant)

Items costing $800 to $1,000

Basin for Baptismal Font
(existing item)

Baptismal Font

A custom-made basin of bronze, to be inset into the present porous concrete basin of the baptismal font



Any of the following clerical vestments, to be worn by the pastor(s) of LCOS:

  • Chasuble — Festive garb worn by the celebrant during the celebration of the Lord’s Supper
  • Stole — The traditional cloth yoke/mantle worn by a pastor

Items costing $500 to $800

Gospel/Lectionary Covers
(proposed item)

Lectionary Cover

Leather, cloth, or fine metal covers in which a gospel book or lectionary book is bound. Carried in Gospel procession during festival divine services.

Coverings for Communion-Rail Cushions and/or Chancel Pews
(existing item)

Communion Rail Cover

Durable (leather and/or cloth) coverings for the communion-rail cushions and/or chancel pews, in a color matching the carpet color of the sanctuary and of the nave’s middle and side aisles

Funeral Casket Pall
(proposed item)

Funeral Casket Pall

An ornamented fine cloth — usually white in color and frequently bearing an emblem or emblems of the Christian faith — that is placed over the casket during the funeral of a Christian, depicting that in Holy Baptism, the Christian is clothed with Christ’s righteousness (Galatians 3:27)

Items costing $200 to $500

Ossuary Pall

Ossuary Pall

A pall that covers an ossuary during the funeral of a Christian (An ossuary is a small box which holds/contains the cremated remains of the one who has died)

Seasonal Banners
(existing item)


Banners to adorn the sanctuary, nave, or narthex, that accord with the various seasons of the church year

Column Banners
(existing item)


Banners to adorn the sanctuary, slimmer than standard banners, that would decorate the columns/pillars near the side aisles of the nave

Library Book Sets
(existing item)

Luthers Works

Multi-volume sets of books (e.g., commentary series, Biblical reference sets, etc.) that can be added to church library holdings and used by its members for learning/study and enrichment in the Christian faith

Framed Artwork for Children’s/Mothers’ Room


Appropriate framed Biblical/Christian artwork that would hang in the Children’s/Mother’s Room ("Cry Room") at the back of the nave

Items costing less than $200

Interment Earth Vial
(proposed item)

Earth Vial

Small vial from which earth is poured upon the casket or ossuary of the Christian during the rite of interment/committal/burial

Personal Individual Pew Cushions
(proposed item)

Pew Cushions

Personal/individual pew cushions, for use by guests or members who (due to health issues) would benefit from padding upon the church pews

Library Books or Videos
(existing item)


Books or videos (chosen by the pastor(s) and church librarian) that would be added to the library, used by its members for learning/study and enrichment in the Christian faith

Liturgical Assistants’ Vestments

Liturgical Assistant Vestments

Additional (or replacement) vestments (robes) worn by the men who assist in the distribution of the Lord’s Supper, or by the men and boys who serve as crucifers, torch bearers, and acolytes

(proposed item)


Additional hymnals to be used by congregants, choirs, or Bible classes

Kitchen Kitchen Serving Warmers

Serving Warmers

Catering-style serving warmers, for keeping dishes hot/warm as they sit on serving tables